We are Omen

We know it’s important to integrate your yoga practice into all aspects of your life, and it’s more meaningful accompanied by like-minded people that support you.

Omen is our community: the people that enrich this path and make it enjoyable. Our clothing is the perfect complement for those who practice all day long, both on and off the mat.

Each garment has been created with the understanding of what is needed to support a daily practice, switching seamlessly between class and our active lives. Each detail has been thoughtfully designed to embrace the diverse needs of an urban lifestyle and a fully committed yoga practice.

Locally produced, with regionally sourced materials, our clothing is the result of a creative collaboration with practical and stylish designs by conscious practitioners, just like you.

Pepe Amaro

As a music producer, Pepe discovered yoga through his love of philosophy and the arts; it was this path that supplied him with the answers to his search for the truth.  

The original founder of Daun Taun Yoga Studio, he shares the traditional elements of the practice with his students through his thoroughly unique classes and approach to teaching.

Mark Powers

Actor, singer and dancer before discovering yoga, Mark was immediately drawn to this practice, inspired to go deep into the Sivananda and Rocket yoga systems.

Associate partner of Daun Taun Yoga Studio, he imbues his classes with both lightness and energy. As well as challenging those who look for an active and strong practice, he keeps the true aim and philosophy of yoga at the forefront of his classes.

Rafa Rodríguez

Rafael is an industrial designer who continually looks to explore the varied facets of this creative field, with particular attention to textiles, product creation and conceptualization.

He has cultivated his yoga practice as an integral ingredient to a fulfilling life. He is committed to his daily practice in Daun Taun Yoga Studio, where he met his current friends and collaborators in this project.